Is this the end of Boybands?

Boy bands GHip hop and rock music are two contestants which always want to attract people with its eccentric music and musical instruments. Pop music are generally best in the genre with engaging rhythm, repetitive lyrics and approachable music style. However for the first time in the history, hip hop has surpassed rock to become the most popular music genre. The trends keeps changing, if there is something you about rap or pop music, it is just because of the boy bands. Boy bands are some of the best-selling bands of all times.

Depend on what decade you grew in, the phrase boyband will flash into your mind different boy bands belonging to different groups. Boy bands are groups singing, walking talking handsome boys whose songs and dance make every teen girl traumatized. Each song had its own envelope regardless of which pop era they were in. The bands had only two choices, one to make the teens who are exploring the nature crushes and start to enjoy music go ecstatic and the second to repay the public with the gift of genuine inspiration.

From the early 70's to mid-80 and late 90's America witnessed a huge wave of boybands creating a major part of pop culture. From the way back to Beetles and Michael Jackson to the leaders of state of 1990's Sync and Backstreet boys, there is an amazing list of boybands who ruled the world with their music.

Boy bands sometimes gets bad rap on music when not done with the right harmony, however the talented and the creative bands in most cases created mesmerizing music with well-balanced dance track to give the audience a damn good time. The best groups like “Take That’, “Jackson 5", “Nsync’, “Backstreet Boys", “Westlife’ are some of the most successful groups which still remains as the greatest boybands of the generation. Many of the bands emerged from America, some from Europe and even some from Korea came to define the sound of the era. While some of the singers launched productive solo careers like Michael Jackson from Jackson 5, yet many managed to remain as a band. Michael Jackson success overshadowed that of the family act. Unfortunately many boybands failed to maintain their success stories. Few bands got into some kind of personal trouble and life losses and some could not handle the pressure. Something went wrong in each and everyone's story.

Are the boybands hitting the end?

Boybands are amazing at every point of time like the backstreet boys " I want it that way" which was irresistible, catchy, sexy that carried extreme credits and rewards, and how about NSync, “Bye, Bye, Bye" which was terrible right from the first listen, nostalgic and one of the most fabulous album. They had pinnacle of fame, however their music slowly chipped away and they are losing their glory. Some bands break up, and go in separate way and reunite only on big occasions like the backstreet boys. While Justin Timberlake doesn't see huge uptick in sales on reuniting with NSync, he prefers focusing more on his own megastar career. They don't disband but take extended breaks and the new contenders are still picking up the slack.

So, it has become a trend of boys undergoing sex reassignment surgery and propel as female stars to earn commercial hits. “Lady”, a Korean pop group (K-Popo) is the first transgender group creating inspirational dance pop. Shinae, Sahara, Binu and Yoona are boys by birth but underwent transgender operations to get their curvaceous structure that propelled them to stardom, since Boybands aresadly- losing their shine, the more accepting Millennial generation is transfixed by the gender fluid programming that is all so common these days. Yet another K-pop transgender “Harisu”, who male by birth, but transcended to female has even earned the love interest of the Western audience. Though it seems to be a joke, Asians are more welcoming to this approach and it’s even legal in their country.

Closing Thoughts

However, boybands never gone away for long, one or another always came in turns. Sure there was times when no Boyband was around but it was not much longer before the new one came. Hopefully the new boy bands will be around for longer than the older ones, though who knows what the future holds.