The most beloved classic characters of Anime

The absolute classics of Anime The word Anime is used by people living outside Japan to describe cartoons or animation produced in Japan. For people living in Japan, the word means a cartoon or animation irrespective of where it is made. For example, a Japanese person would consider Doraemon and Finding Nemo to be Anime. If you have been an enthusiastic anime follower as l have been, then you will know that there is a wide range of genre for Anime - action, drama, horror, supernatural, sci-fi and even romance.

protagonist of Naruto SAnime became popular in the West, especially in the US in the early 70’s with shows like Astro Boy. The advent of VHS videos made it easier to introduce viewers to more Anime content. Today, streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu have been influential in encouraging content creation and their distribution. I know that Anime has evolved over the years, but, there are a few that have become popular enough to stay for a very long time.

Given that Anime made their appearance outside Japan roughly in the early 60 's, from then till now, there are scores of Anime shows that have been released. It is indeed a colossal task for me to attempt to list the greats, but, here goes...I have participated in several passionate discussions on the best Anime ever, depending on which demographic set you talk to, the answer varies. The general consensus is that Death Note is the best Anime ever. It is an Anime that is different from the usual action oriented ones. It is backed by a very engaging storyline and strong characters. And the character of Light is portrayed brilliantly, his transition from an intelligent and hardworking person to a manipulative, cruel man.

L. Lawliet and Light stand out as iconic stars from Death Note. Not only me, but many Anime fans have professed that they have a soft corner for Naruto, the main protagonist of Naruto. His backstory and his transformation to becoming the Hokage is rather spellbinding. His sensei, Kakashi Hatake has also etched his name in the Hall of Fame for unforgettable Anime characters.

The Fullmetal Alchemist is an engrossing series that explores multiple themes- societal problems, war, scientific advancement with a lot of action. The concept of equivalent exchange in this series reminds me of the Laws of conservation of Energy from physics! This Anime was voted the most popular Anime of all time in Japan. Edward Elric is a worthy inclusion in this list. His character is a unique combination of being clever, stubborn and humorous. I believe that his character portrayal has been instrumental in making some of his dark choices to appear realistic. Fairy Tail is another popular adventure series set in the wizarding world. The most well known character in this series is Natsu Dragneel, his fight scenes and personality (especially his motion sickness) resonating very well with his viewers. Ezra Scarlet also makes the list for her portrayal as the most powerful female wizard. I would like to complete my list with a mention of One Piece, the hero, Luffy is a pleasant mixture of humor, bravery and leadership. After all this information, you are probably all set to watch some Anime, so, go get some popcorn and log onto Netflix or Hulu or Prime. Happy viewing!