The top hostess from around the world

In early 2000’s when the internet boom was in its early stages, many of the content on the internet was headlined by males. You can hardly hear anything which has been done by females around the world wide web. Even though this has been the larger story, there were few females who rose above the rest and took the world by storm and who created a name for themselves by entering into the world and now let’s have a look at few women who revolutionized the internet in the early 2000’s to the present.

Ever heard of Flickr DFirst, let’s have a look at the worlds famous site: Slide Share. It should be no big surprise that Slide Share was the most popular web hosting service for professional content- including presentations. This site was founded and was run by Rashmi Sinha who launched her site in the year 2006. She is now one of most powerful entrepreneurs in the world.

Ever heard of Flickr. Look at this popular website. Flickr is an image and a video hosting site developed and introduced to the world by Caterina Fake in 2002. With her large reputation as an innovative female in 2009 she also co-founded the site called Hunch. Flickr was a major hit among the teenagers and was the stepping stone towards the now more popular photo sharing sites such as lnstagram.

Houzz is another popular website that you can find anything related to architecture. Adi Tatarko started the website in 2009 since she couldn’t find any design ideas online. Now her website is worth more than 2 billion dollars and millions of followers.

Now extremely famous online dating site Tinder was founded by the female entrepreneur Whitney Wolfe. She co-created this online dating platform that took the world as a surprise. And she left Tinder and created Bumble- another version of Tinder that also took the world by storm. Currently, Tinder is worth about 750 million dollars and Bumble is worth about 50 million dollars.

Eventbrite is another female-founded event management and a ticketing site. The site was co-developed by Julia Hartz who is a well-known entrepreneur. due to its massive success, it is now worth more than 80 million dollars.

Mightybell is an online platform for the niche category. It was founded by the female entrepreneur Gina Bianchini in the year 2009. this popular online tutor site was founded by Lynda Weinman in the year. She started this company in 1995 and the company is based in California. In 2005 was brought by Linkedln Corp at a whopping price of 1.5 billion dollars.

Lifehacker is an amazing web blog by Gina Trapani. It was launched in the year 2005. She was able to cover a wide selection of areas which was able to grab the attention of many. The site was so popular at that time, The Time news magazine names it among the 50 coolest websites in the world.

Piazza is a web question and answers service which was popular due to its high-quality content developed by Pooja Sankar, who is the CEO and the founder of this company. It was founded in 2009 and the users can publish questions, answer the published question and even post notes. Pooja Sankar as a female entrepreneur was able to revolutionize the online 07A platform.

As a conclusion, you can identify how the above women changed the online community forever. Their innovativeness and the ability to see far ahead of future has the lives of the people at present and was able to inspire the present female entrepreneurs.