What collectibles do you want the most?

As one of the greatest sources of entertainment in the world, Japanese Animation obviously inspired a market that has many unique collectibles ranging from odd to impressive. Being marvelous pieces of art, they are valued highly and require quite a bit of money to purchase. Other than being of impressive craftsmanship, they also show us how both the Anime industry and fan base have changed over time.

rare collectibles VOne of the most “fancy” of these collectibles is the Victorique de Blois Porcelain Doll. It is based on the heroine of the Gosic, Volks’ Victorique doll and takes the form of a 19th century-esque porcelain doll. Like a true vintage item, you are going to have to pay 800-1000 US dollars for just one of these beautiful dolls. When it comes to the more influential Anime, Neon Genesis evangelion has one of the most expensive collectibles. Life size models of characters from this show go for up to $5000 US dollars and are hard to find.

One of the more impressive collectibles are the 1/12 models of the HY2M 1/12 RX-78-2 Gundam which cost anywhere between 4800 to 12,000 US dollars. As impressive as they are they are nowhere near the life sized model of the said ‘Gundam’, a huge robot that is worth thousands of dollars, but we can hardly call it a collectible. Equally as impressive is the one of a kind prototype Astro Boy figure which displays the insides of Astro Boy. Being one of the most classic Japanese Animations ever, he inspired many other characters such as Mega Man. Such a beloved item can only be sold at a high price worth $25,000 US dollars. The owners are hopping to put the model inside of a museum, where it truly belongs.

Staying in the realm of influential Anime, I bring you the tale of the Yu-Gi-Oh card “Tyler the Great Warrior". It is one of the rarest cards in the world. It almost literally priceless because there are only 3 copies, one of which is in Konami’s vault. It features artwork resembling trunks from Dragon Ball 2. There is an inspirational story behind this card. A boy named Tyler was dying of a rare kind of liver cancer which prompted the Make A Wish foundation to make his wish come true. He asked for a card with the artwork of his favorite character. Later on- he beat the disease and showed that he is indeed: a great warrior!

When talking about rare collectibles, we cannot disregard “Angel Goku”. It is a figurine that represents Goku from Dragon Ball waving goodbye behind himself. There are only 100 of these figurines and they were given to a select few that took part in a certain lottery event in Japan. None of the 100 figures are on the market right now, because no true fan would sell a unique item like this.

What makes Anime collectibles stand out from other is not just their price, which can admittedly get quite crazy, it’s the story and emotional value behind them. The staple of this statement is the life sized HY2M 1/12 RX-78-2 Gundam that is currently being built. Reportedly 725 million US dollars went into making this and it is widely beloved by all of Tokio. A lot of work and history were put into the massive Gundam and we will see a lot more to come.